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Google and my Mac?

From a time when mac users really where second class citizens

Re: TextMate's Undo

Editor war again

Humorless TextMaters

I’m totally flabbergasted by the reactions to the TexMate’s halloween theme, active only for a few days.

TextMate owns KeyCue

KeyCue a bit overwhelmed by TextMate's numerous shortcuts

New .mac Webmail UI

This is funny that they mimic the desktop app interface in the webmail UI, as I'm hoping for the exact opposite: I wish they copy some Gmail feature in…

Hail Mephisto. It's Alive!

I switched the site to Mephisto cms

delicious go private

Finally, allows private saving of bookmarks

I don't heart IE

If you have the choice not to use Internet Explorer, for the sake of humanity, please do it.

New Typo theme

Despite all I wrote two months ago, I made my own typo theme again. ;)

Feed2js Typo plugin

Deprecated Feed2JS typo plugin

Bookmark Managers

Comparison of some online bookmark managers made in 2006

Free Nokia 770's stylus

I received my Nokia 770 two weeks ago and I'm quite pleased with it. (...) But there is a design flaw (IMHO) that irritates me.

Typo & Lush

I tried a lot of blog engines and always ended spending more time tweaking them than blogging (Good excuse, I know ;). I like tweaking stuff, but only when the end result satisfies me and not with language I find boring (Perl, PHP, I'm looking at you).