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delicious go private entry

Finally, allows private saving of bookmarks! Nice. I’ll change my review in the coming days. (Update: No I didn’t ;)

I don’t see this option in the API reference though, I hope they’ll add it soon.

Call me crazy but I run a small Webrick server just to post to Jots with a decent bookmarklet (tag completion, insert selected text, etc.), my script sends “public” links to too, so if they update the API I will be able to mirror all my links. And, as my’ bookmarks are automatically added to RawSugar, the future is open.

BTW, Bill Lazar of RawSugar wrote me about the changes they made, I have to check that too.

Update: API has been updated:
&shared=no (optional) - make the item private.

Posted on 21/3/2006 .