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Typo & Lush entry

I tried a lot of blog engines and always ended spending more time tweaking them than blogging (Good excuse, I know ;). I like tweaking stuff, but only when the end result satisfies me and not with language I find boring (Perl, PHP, I’m looking at you).

I tried and fully tweaked:

Movable Type
And finally Typo.

All those are good, but Typo had two major advantages: Ruby and Rails.

My first Typo experience was with an early version (before themes) and I spent a lot of time to be almost pleased, but Typo was evolving fast and I needed too much time to redo all the changes for new versions Once themes made their way into Typo I decided to start with a good theme I liked, then tweak it a little. And I found Lush.

I’m not really found of green, but that theme really rocks! Thanks to Marco Van Hylckama Vlieg.
Typo is now a really good blog engine too. So after a few days for changing colors and messing with some small things, here it is. It’s not that lush anymore ;), but I love it.

Posted on 19/1/2006 .