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New .mac Webmail UI entry

Just saw the new “Comming Soon” .mac webmail announcement (via J. Gruber).

This is funny that they mimic the desktop app interface in the webmail UI, as I’m hoping for the exact opposite: I wish they copy some Gmail feature in

I’m using Gmail instead of for a few weeks now, some of the reasons for the change are linked to the very nature of webmail e.g.:

  • Access it from anywhere on every system.
    I already used a central Gmail account where I forward my different address, I use it when I’m not at home or with my Nokia 770. (Thanks to Google for providing a way to reply with any (verified) address.)
  • Save system ressources.
    It’s nice to just have Google Notifier running when I’m doing heavy work (ProTools or 12 running apps) instead of a big ass mail client.

This is why I used both and Gmail, surprisingly what convinced me to switch is pure interface design goodness. Mainly one: The way messages are threaded in Gmail is brilliant.

In when my original messages are not included in the response, I have to switch between “Inbox” and “Sent” all the time. The thread presentation is so bad that I never used it anyway, but after using Gmail on the road, I couldn’t take it anymore when I was back home. The way Gmail groups them all and the colors/presentation used is a real time saver for me.

I’m glad Apple enhance .mac, although the only thing interresting me in .mac is syncing. My bookmarks and mails are now online, but syncing my AddressBook and keychains is nice.

I’m not sure the “let’s replicate desktop apps on the web” trend is a good one. I think they should be inspired by Gmail and other online services first.

Posted on 28/9/2006 .