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Hail Mephisto. It's Alive! entry

As I already wrote I have a tendency to spend more time on blog engines/design than on writing. But this time, it’s not my fault. I swear. Again. ;)

Typo has slowly become impossible to maintain: I had to reboot Lighttpd everyday. This was getting on my nerve to the point I sometimes forgot to reboot it for weeks, and had absolutely no incentive to fix/upgrade it or even write. Anyway I think Typo has become a bit bloated now.

So I took a deep look at some php cms (WordPress, TextPattern, Drupal, etc.). The one which impressed me the most, since it was a long time I tried it, is TextPattern. They’re all very powerful, but sooner or later I have to digg in the code, to create/modify plugins or whatever, and I don’t like php.

So even if my site was almost finished with TextPattern, I was glad to discover Mephisto and start over again. I’m not a Rails guru at all ( I read the first edition of Agile Web Development with Rails but everything was changing fast and I got lost in the way. Must find some time…), but I’m in love with Ruby for a long time now, so it’s good for my karma.

Mephisto is really young and lack the maturity of its php mates but Rick Olson is doing a hell of a job on it and I really like the way it’s heading. I was doing my own theme when Cristi Balan released Skittlish based on a Damien Tanner design, so I customized it to my likings instead. I love its simplicity and the user’s options.

I’m running it on a single instance of Mongrel, as I managed to alienate the few readers I had, that should work fine for now. ;)

I’m still on a testing phase and I have to add the comments from Typo. I’m aware that the site is broken in IE (no joke!), I’ll find some courage to fix it soon. The problem is that I never figured out why I’m unable to connect to my Mac IP from Virtual PC…

Posted on 28/9/2006 .