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TextMate owns KeyCue entry

I just took a look at KeyCue, it’s an utility that shows all the shortcuts for an app when you press ⌘ for a few seconds.

TextEdit-KeyCue screenshot

It can be an useful app if you don’t know shortcuts well and want to learn, or if you don’t want to learn but still need to use them (still there? ;).

I used it with a few apps and it works as it should, although I realized that I often leave my thumb on the ⌘ key. Then I tried it in TextMate

TextMate-KeyCue screenshot


Update: As pointed in the comments by Christoph Reichenberger of ergonis software the last version of KeyCue (2.1) fix the problem.

TextMate-KeyCue screenshot 2

Less funny but still an impressive list, and it’s just with the bundles I use, not all available.

Posted on 29/10/2006 .