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Free Nokia 770's stylus entry

Nokia 770

I received my Nokia 770 two weeks ago and I’m quite pleased with it. There are known limitations, mainly lack of RAM, although enabling swap an the MMC helps a lot, but I still love it. I won’t make a review as you can find a lot of them already. I use it mainly for reading (specially in bed when my gf is sleeping), for RSS/web browsing, and of course for messing with Bash in the bus. ;)

But there is a design flaw (IMHO) that irritates me. It’s a small thing, but it grew until it pissed me off. A lot.

You can’t take (or put back) the stylus without removing the tablet from it’s cover. I have to open the lid a bit to put the pen back and forth all the time or I keep it out and eventually loose it in the couch. or worst in my bed when the light is out. Grrr.

So, today was the day: Nokia 770 meets Dremel. I’m not a Dremel champ,and it’s the first time I use it on plastic, but I’m satisfied with the result.

Dremeled Nokia 770

By chance, there’s enough place to spare the little foot on the cover and that’s a Good Thing©.

Now, don’t ask me why Nokia never did something like this in the first place. The stylus never comes out itself, and if that was the problem, it’s still blocked when you “close” the lid. Common’ guys, that wasn’t hard to figure out.

Next, work on the 770: Extending the root filesystem to a memory card

Update 2006/01/31: Polished it a bit and changed the pic.

Posted on 26/1/2006 .