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Dragster is a simple OS X utility to move files locally and remotely from the Dock.

Just drag and drop files or folders on Dragster’s icon in the Dock, and away they go! Dragster can send files via eMail, upload them to remote servers, copy them to your iDisk, or copy/move files anywhere on your local drives.


I know everything Dragster does can be done with (S)FTP clients, aliases, mounted shares, scripts, whatever, but I think it’s nice to have a central place for all quick local or remote file transfers.

You can drop file(s) on the Dock icon, choosing the generic shortcuts (Remote Server, iDisk, Mail, Local) or those you saved before. You can also use it as background application with the contextual menu. Draster supports FTP, SFTP, SCP, SMB, AFP, iDisk, Mail and local filesystem.

A few things that could be improved, IMHO:

  • On rare occasions, Dragster can have a hard time finding your home directory on some servers (this will be fixed soon).
  • I really wish files could be mailed directly, without using a mail client. Google Notifier doesn’t support attachments1 and if I must use it’s as easy to drag the files on its icon.
  • When sending files via AFP, Dragster doesn’t unmount the volume after, this kills the simplicity and I often forget to do it myself.

Dragster is a “no thrills” utility, I find it useful and working pretty well @ version 1.02.

  1. Add this to my previous entry’s list of Gmail problems.

  2. Yup. There are still people releasing v1.0 directly. no 0.x.x or beta. ;)